Teal Curve

Some Ecovillage residents work from home e.g. building and maintaining websites, accounting and so on (fortunately, homes in the Ecovillage are zoned to allow home-based businesses).

Paid work required to be done by the Body Corporate such as building maintenance and work on the grounds is first offered to TEVA Members and residents.

Fixed wireless NBN is available in Nubeena which helps home based businesses relying on a good Internet connection.

Employers in Nubeena include the District School, Tasman Council, Bendigo Bank, Neigbourhood House, Bakery, Child Care Centre, Medical Centre, Aged Care facility, Pharmacy, Supermarket and others. Tassal, a salmon farming company, is also an employer in the local area.

Tourism is a major and growing contibutor to the Tasmanian economy and there are several leading tourist attractions in the local area including the Port Arthur Historic Site and the Three Capes Track. Employment opportunities in the local tourism industry include accommodation, catering, transport, tours and so on although some of these jobs are seasonal.

Teal Curve