Teal Curve

There are a few local builders and builders who operate in the local area:

  • South East Building (Taranna) - 0418 990 607

Another viable option is to have the home factory constructed and delivered and installed on site. Examples of companies supplying pre-fabricated factory built homes to the local area are:

Below is a comparison of building with a local builder compared to a factory constructed home.

Advantages of using a local builder:

  • supports the local economy
  • little or no restrictions on the size of house or the construction method e.g. slab on ground or number of storeys (subject to the Tasman Ecovillage Residential Building Design Guidelines)
  • banks and other lenders are usually more comfortable lending on traditionally constructed homes
  • the price usually includes connection to services

Advantages of a factory constructed home:

  • the cost is usually cheaper even when taking into account the cost of transportation, vehicle escorts, crane hire and connection to services
  • construction, delivery and installation is usually quicker than a traditionally built home
  • with a faster delivery time, there are lower holding costs (less time paying for your current residence while your new house is built)
  • usually constructed to a higher standard because they are built in a controlled environment and also have to survive being transported by road
  • environmental benefits include less waste, minimal disturbance to the site and less dust and noise issues for neighbours
  • no issues with availability of trades people (except perhaps when having the services connected)
  • the building process is stress free and predictable because the construction takes place inside a controlled environment unaffected by bad weather, issues with access to the site or issues with neighbours
  • generally built with finer tolerances and better finishes as better tools and processes are used and the work environment is often easier compared to building on-site; this results in a higher quality home with less draughts and faults and a lower cost of ownership in the long term
Teal Curve